Furiosa Arm – Cosplay Tutorial

Last month I went to Wizard World Chicago dressed as Furiosa.
I made the cosplay myself and I have been asked by quite a few people how I did it so I thought I’d write up a tutorial to try and shed some light on my process.

Before reading the tutorial please remember the most important rules for Cosplay:

  1. Find as many references photos as you possibly can. I took screencaps from the film.
  2. Don’t get stuck on what the piece is actually supposed to be made out of. Oh it’s metal? Don’t use metal unless you have to. You’ll save yourself money and you can paint anything to look metallic.
  3. Keep in mind how your prop is going to be used. Heavy movement or a high-stress area? Get sturdier materials. Purely decorative? Don’t worry!

Now that you have the rules in your mind, continue reading to find out how I made my Furiosa arm!

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DIY Magnetic Earrings out of Old Buttons

I had gotten my ears pierced when I was a kid but they got infected so I had to take them out. It took me 24 years to attempt it again but because of my medical issues the holes refused to heal and again I was faced with a painful infection. I took the earrings out and nearly accepted defeat, but then I did some research for clip-on earrings and ended up discovering the fact that magnets can be used!

This post is about my quest to make myself some earrings using this method! No need to get your lobes pierced!
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Summer of 2015: Pearson

Since this is also a lifestyle blog and since I haven’t really said a lot about myself, I’m very excited to share the experience of a recent camping trip I took.

I’ve never been much of an “outdoors” person but having grown up in Florida there are times where I want nothing more than to get some fresh air and feel like I’m experiencing nature, if mildly. Luckily, my boyfriend works for a tattoo shop that has an annual camping trip and I was given the invite to tag along.

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